Channel 13 Action News Feature: Las Vegas leaders launch initiative to bring locals back downtown

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Las Vegas leaders are excited about luring locals back downtown.

By Krista Hostetler


A new effort was launched Thursday called “Rediscover Downtown.” The goal is to attract locals with new businesses and entertainment, all while providing a unique experience.

Business and political leaders in Las Vegas say now is the time to “Rediscover Downtown.”

“It’s great to have the Strip and the economic engine in jobs and everything related to the tourism industry,” said Rich Worthington, The Molasky Group of Companies. “But this is a community too and we need to have a heart, and I believe the heart is in Downtown Las Vegas.”

Members of Downtown Las Vegas Alliance (DLVA), along with Mayor Carolyn Goodman and city staff, launched a new effort Thursday, encouraging locals to head downtown.

“Now we have 110 restaurants, 70 bars; most of the historic casinos have all remodeled and renovated and improved their physical plant, and therefore the visitor and customer experience,” explained Worthington.

That experience has expanded the last several years with outdoor concerts, the zip line and new attractions, like the Mob Museum.

The hope is to keep those attractions fresh, in turn, keeping downtown full of locals.

“No matter what’s said, this is the greatest time, this is the greatest place. This is the place that’s rebuilding and it’s because of the people that live here; they really care and they’re totally energized,” said Mayor Goodman.

Zappos also broke ground on its new location downtown Thursday.

“It’s a pivotal moment because it brings thousands of jobs and bodies with wallets and spending power, meaning there will be more offerings, great vibrancy to bars, restaurants, entertainment offerings and it makes a huge difference and others will like follow,” said Worthington.

The “Rediscover Downtown” initiative will culminate October 13 with an entire day of special events, offers, tastings and activities all geared toward locals.

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