Businesses Say Downtown Las Vegas is a Perfect Place for Operations

The Molasky Group of Companies was featured in an article in the Review-Journal entitled “Businesses say downtown is a perfect place for basing operations” by Lisa Carter.

Excerpt from the article:

Downtown Las Vegas is home to major casinos, small businesses and – later this year – retail giant Zappos Inc. What residents might not know, however, is that downtown is also the center for companies that focus on the valley but have national and international ties.

One of these organizations is the Molasky Group of Companies, which has been based downtown for more than 60 years. The company, which focuses on real estate and government partnerships with the IRS headquarters in Las Vegas, is housed at 100 N. City Parkway.

Richard Worthington, president of the Molasky Group of Companies, said having the corporation downtown contributes to the ongoing resurgence of the area.

“Our employees are here, and our hearts are here,” Worthington said. “We continue working to accelerate the revitalization of downtown. There’s a whole different vibe down here now, and the (perception) of downtown is changing among residents.”

Worthington said the business’ central location is ideal for employees and clients. Its easy commute distance to the airport and its presence downtown, he said, bolsters business.

“I think it communicates a lot to be part of a city’s skyline as a 60-year company,” Worthington said. “It puts you in that sort of headquarter-type environment and keeps the right perception for customers.”

In addition to heading the Molasky Group of Companies, Worthington is chairman of the Downtown Las Vegas Alliance, a nonprofit entity composed of major valley stakeholders . The alliance recently launched the Rediscover Downtown campaign, which encourages locals to visit the continuously changing area. Worthington said initiatives such as these have contributed to his and other area businesses’ successes.

“This is absolutely the place to be,” Worthington said. “I think one reason we were successful in bringing the IRS out of the suburbs is because of this location and the revitalization.”

Read the full article on the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s website.

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